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Top Five 2019 Jewelry Trends

Spring is just around the corner and what better way to spice up your wardrobe than with a few on-trend jewelry pieces! As the weather starts to get warmer and you start packing up your winter coats and scarves for storage, it’s time to refresh your style for the new year and add some new and exciting jewelry pieces. Spotted straight from the runways, here are five 2019 jewelry trends that we are loving.

1. Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces have been around for a few seasons, and in 2019 this jewelry trend isn’t going anywhere. Designers loved the layered look at their runway shows. The jewelry trend is slightly enhanced for 2019, however, moving away from the more dainty, layered looks we have seen lately to a more a bold look. Whether your style is more minimal or daring, grab a few of your favorite pieces and you can imitate the layered necklace jewelry trend.

Our Engaging Center Necklace will give you this layered necklace look without the tangle of multiple necklaces- it’s all in one! We also love the pops of color this necklace adds, enhancing any outfit. If you are looking for a more classic option, this necklace from Baublebar is a nice option that will add a little bit of sparkle without being too daring. If you are more into disc necklaces, this minimal style would be great for you as well.

2. Chain Necklaces

One 2019 jewelry trend that is popping up everywhere is chains and links- specifically chain necklaces. This trend is all about pushing the limits and we are loving the different variations jewelry designers are coming up with. From more minimal style long chain necklaces, to large, thick chain-link choker necklaces, you can find a way to incorporate this jewelry trend into your wardrobe no matter what your style is.

To get the chain necklace look,  our winding Quartz Necklace is our go-to. The mixed metals are totally on trend and it’s a little adventurous without being over-the-top. You can dress the necklace up for a more classy look, or make it a little edgier too. If you are loving the resin trend as opposed to metal, this bold choker necklace is a great option. It gives you some color and the large links are sure to draw attention on the streets. Or go totally classic with this gold chain necklace.

3. Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are making a comeback in 2019. From chic, bejeweled cuffs to more natural options incorporating colored gemstones, this jewelry trend was seen all over the runway. You can go the more minimal route with a small cuff bracelet made of gold or silver that will enhance any outfit. Or you can be a little more daring and make your cuff bracelet the focal point of your outfit. Either way, you will be right on trend and totally chic.

Stella & Dot offers a  simple bracelet cuff that you can get in silver, gold, or rose gold. You can also customize this bracelet by engraving it. Our Streaming Gold Wide Cuff Bracelet is perfect for those of you who want something a little bigger and bolder. The bracelet cuff is also hand forged and hand hammered, making each bracelet unique. For a classic option that still adds a little bit of texture to your outfit, try this option.

4. Handmade Beaded Bracelets

In 2019, be ready to embrace handmade jewelry. It’s all about more natural looking pieces including beads, shells, and feathers. Our favorite iteration of this trend is handmade beaded bracelets. This jewelry trend gives your outfit a more boho feel, totally embracing the carefree style that is trending right now. Not only are we loving the look, but we are loving how unique these artisan jewelry pieces are. Instead of buying mass produced jewelry products that everyone else has, this 2019 jewelry trend has people buying and supporting their local jewelry craftsmen and women.

Our  Handmade White Pearl Bracelet will give you the handmade beaded bracelet look and includes pearls. Red garnets add some color to the bracelet and the hand hammered sterling silver center brings it all together. Lokai offers a turquoise beaded option that is simple yet elegant. The best thing though, is that Lokai donates to the Humane Society for each bracelet sold. Here is a more understated threaded and beaded bracelet that comes in a variety of colors too.

5. Silver Jewelry

For the last several years, gold jewelry has ruled the runway and the streets. However, in 2019 we are going to see a resurgence of silver jewelry. We saw silver jewelry all over the runways for Spring 2019 shows and we are more than ready for this new trend. From punkier styles paired with edgy looks to more classic, fine silver pieces that can be dressed up with white crystals or diamonds, this jewelry trend is for anyone. Be sure to pick up a few silver pieces this season to wear. You can wear the silver alone, or you can even mix and match your silver and gold metals, creating a more effortless look.

If you are wanting a more elegant look, our  Sterling Silver and Labradorite Necklace is a great option for you. This sterling silver necklace includes labradorite gemstones dangled from layered chains- also giving you the layered necklace look. Brighton offers a silver plated disc necklace that is simple and charming. If you are looking for earrings, here is a sterling silver option that is beautiful and classic.

We are totally on board for all of these 2019 jewelry trends. Pick one (or all five) and you are sure to rule the streets this spring. We are loving that these trends are versatile and allow for you to incorporate different styles depending on your taste. We also are loving the move from all of the dainty, gold jewelry we have been seeing for the past few years to more unique, bolder styles. Here at Plumb Line Jewelry, we follow the trends to create the most up-to-date stylish designs. Head to our website to find your perfect jewelry piece for this year.