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Holiday Gifts For Her Under $50: Artisan-Crafted Jewelry

Christmas is coming- the goose is getting fat, but unfortunately your pocketbook isn’t. Fear not! As you search diligently for gifts that will show your loved one just how you feel, holiday shopping on a budget doesn’t mean that you are relegated to the clearance aisle at Walmart. If you want a unique and special gift for her, department stores and strip malls are usually not the places to find them. Ultimately it is not the price of the gift, but the meaning (unless you are buying for teenagers). That being said, a gift that gets stuffed into a closet will ultimately not mean much, so the pressure is on! Luckily, an affordable, handmade gift for her is not out of the realm of possibilities. It is very possible to yield heartfelt hugs and smiles all around with unique, handmade jewelry under $50.

Artisan-Crafted Handmade Jewelry

A handmade gift shows that you have put in thought and effort to show the receiver just what they mean to you. In my humble opinion, handmade jewelry is as good as it gets when you are searching for the best jewelry gifts under $50. Why? Because handcrafted, artisan jewelry can be very personalized and of the highest quality due to the time and care it takes for a piece to be crafted. Each time I put on a piece of jewelry that has been given as a gift, I think of the one who has given it. Not many gifts bring you closer to the person and occasion than the gift of unique jewelry. 

Take our handcrafted Sunrise Earrings for instance. Who doesn’t love a sunrise? Sunrises represent everything good in life. New beginnings, light, warmth, and beauty. These earrings are made with a faceted green peridot gemstone; a stone with great color for the holidays, and legend has it that peridot emits a warm energy that is used to cleanse the heart. Talk about meaning…What more do you need?

Gifts for her

Benefits of Handmade Artisan Jewelry

The beauty of working with gemstones is that they can always be switched for another stone equally as beautiful. Birthstones are a popular and very personalized way to show you care.


Most birthstones, with the exception of April’s diamond, fall into the “gemstone” category and are a unique, handmade jewelry gift that won’t break the bank . If your artisan jewelry gift for her includes diamonds, you are most likely not going to find it under $50. However, any other piece of jewelry containing an applicable birthstone and you could be in luck with just a little bit of work.

Lightweight & Compact

Another benefit of handmade jewelry is that it is light and compact, so you typically won’t be shocked by the shipping costs when they pop up at the end of check out. Unless otherwise specified, our jewelry orders ship for free and come in a crafty little gift box. The holidays can be hectic, so the less someone needs to do after purchasing their gift, typically the better.


One of the hurdles of gift giving is the art of estimating the receiver’s size. Nobody wants to worry about offending their loved ones with their special gift. Sure you can find a cool shirt for under $50, but how sentimental is that and worse yet, what if it doesn’t even fit? That shmediam sized shirt will enjoy life on a hanger which defeats the point of a thoughtful gift. 

Artisan earrings are a great jewelry gift under $50 because size is not an option. We occasionally have requests for changes in the drop length to an earring, but that is more of a style decision than an issue of size. Jewelry should be made to be light and comfortable, no matter the cost. The wearer should forget that they have it on - except when receiving compliments and thinking about you every time they look in the mirror! Bracelets and necklaces are a bit more size specific. We craft most all of our handmade necklaces and artisan bracelets with a 2” extender, allowing the wearer to adjust the piece for size and comfort. 

Our Little Dog Paw Bracelet has always been one of our most popular gifts for her around the holidays. Dog lovers appreciate the personalized feel of the little paw charm, and the combination of garnet and pearl accent stones gives it a holiday feel. This piece is made with quality sterling silver and gold filled pieces, so it will be enjoyed for years to come.

handmade jewelry as a gift for her

For jewelry under $50, even handmade jewelry should not look cheap. Quality artisan jewelry should be made with sterling silver. Many people (including me) are allergic to steel and nickel, a cheaper alternative to silver. Mixed metals are an elegant way to craft handmade jewelry. Gold in 14k or 24k will put you over the threshold of jewelry under $50, but gold filled pieces are used frequently in handmade jewelry and are a great alternative that will not fade or lose color over time. A cheaper alternative to gold filled is gold plated. Gold plated tends to fade with time though. 

So there you have it. Jewelry under $50 should not limit you to store-bought or mass-produced rubbish. Local holiday art and craft shows can be found in most places, or the web is also loaded with handmade jewelry if you want to shop from the comfort of your home, have the gift dropped in your lap a few days later, and spend the holidays enjoying time with loved ones rather than wrestling crowds for the last thing on the shelf. Check out our many options and find the perfect unique, handmade jewelry for the loved one in your life. Happy Holidays!