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Color is King this Spring

The skies are still grey and the days cold, but the world of fashion is already “springing” into spring jewelry trends  and it is all about color! Vibrant accessories will be everywhere and when it comes to jewelry, color means gemstones. Aquamarine, turquoise, and citrine, with their vivid and varying colors, will be leading the pack in the early part of 2020. These spirited stones make great centerpieces and are easy to supplement with other gemstones. Here are some perfect picks to propel any wardrobe into Spring and provide the perfect accessory for your next outfit.

Over the Rainbow

It doesn't get more colorful than this eclectic gemstone bracelet! Peppered with vibrant gemstones separated by sterling silver stems, citrine, garnets, and peridot are just a few, this handmade bracelet will accentuate any Spring 2020 outfit

Bohemian is Back

Going for color? Might as well make a statement! Carnelians never mind being the center of attention, but these ecle eclectic dangling earrings are full of attention grabbing details. Not to mention, varying mixed metal shapes and textures will keep anyones attention right where it should be...on you.

It's All About Layers

You can keep rockin that sterling silver chain bracelet that you never need to take off because it goes with everything or you could twirl through life with something more like this handmade bracelet. Pick a stone, any stone, because this dreamy gemstone bracelet has got something for everyone. Layers and layers of colorful gemstones will challenge the lushest garden in the neighborhood and have anybody in the mood for sunny skies.

Intricate is In

If you're looking to make a spring statement, then look no further than these intricately embroidered earrings. Hip and handmade with glass beads, we love the native design and color scheme of these handmade earrings. Their detail cannot be understated and will require second takes by anyone in your presence.