About Us


When I first sat down with a borrowed pair of jewelers tools and a single strand of garnets, my soul was instantly soothed. Although things progressed from hobby, to passion, to full time business, that feeling never strayed and has remained my driving force through sleepless nights working on orders.  

After a decade in business, I'm so thrilled to be able to dedicate much of my time to creating new designs while my husband Casey handles the business end of our company as our skilled employees assist on so many levels. Having forged a unique path together, Casey and I are blessed to be with our kids while providing for our family. Along side our children, we have learned that creative expression coupled with positivity and dedication can be a successful endeavor.   

The principles of our company have evolved from the journey for it's survival and are a direct reflection of ourselves. Each piece is personally significant as it represents my craft as well as myself. While the inspiration for a particular design may come from many different sources, my creative process follows a "blueprint" specifying each and every piece is well made with high quality materials, will be comfortably worn, is fashion and price conscious, and of course..looks great with just about anything!

As our business has grown, there is much to consider beyond our jewelry designs. As a small business, we work intimately with our employees and value each of them very much. We are proud to pay a "living wage" to each person that we are fortunate to work with. The majority of our precious metals production is hand done by the Karen Hill Tribe villagers of Thailand. We pay particular attention to the products and supplies that we use and make every effort to ensure that they are sustainable and come from reputable sources. We are very aware of the vendors, suppliers, and businesses we support, and in turn, try to be a business worth supporting.