Teardrop Handmade Turquoise Earrings



Teardrop Silver Turquoise Earrings

Protection, peace, and tranquility come together with this handmade set. A vibrant turquoise string of petite sized beads are intricately wrapped with 14/20k gold filled wire to handmade sterling silver teardrops. These sterling silver turquoise earrings fit for any occasion or event. 


Handmade in USA

14/20k gold filled earring hooks

Drop length 2"

Healing Properties of Turquoise

Turquoise has long been used as a stone of protection. It offers to its wearer relief from exhaustion, panic, and depression. It is also been said that this stone is a travelers stone, protecting loved ones from theft, injury, and mishap during their journeys.

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Healing Properties

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For thousands of years, turquoise has been considered a sacred stone. Considered the stone of the heart chakra, turquoise connects the upper three and lower three chakras. Turquoise is a “gift stone” and its energies are more powerful when it is given rather than received. Turquoise possesses many different healing energies and is a great gift for someone recovering from substance abuse as it helps detoxify the system. Somebody going through radiation or chemotherapy can also benefit from the gift of turquoise. Green turquoise will instantly bring feelings of freshness. Blue turquoise expands consciousness and washes the body with feelings of peace and tranquility. Blue turquoise also brings centeredness in one’s being by reinstating values, balance, and alignment that lead to a peaceful nature and love of earth. These values lead to a higher attunement of one’s inner being and a simpler approach to life.


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