Garnets in Teardrops Earrings



These elegant handmade earrings feature a textured sterling teardrop framing multiple findings including a garnet, labradorites, and brass and sterling beads.

Handmade in USA

Sterling silver earring hooks

Drop length 1 1/2"

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Healing Properties

Hover over any of the gemstones below to learn about the unique healing properties.

Garnet is associated with self-confidence, love, vitality, courage, and passion. Garnet has been known through the ages to bless it’s wearer with improved general health, both emotional and physical. For those who struggle with depression, garnet removes physical blockages associated with depression and opens doors to creativity and imagination. Garnet is especially effective with issues associated with abandonment and survival, thus making it a great stone to help stabilize a struggling relationship. Garnet’s crimson color makes it very effective in treating circulatory problems, as it purifies blood.
Labradorite is a beautiful stone known for its iridescence caused by light beams bouncing off inclusions of magnetite within the stone. This gives labradorite its protection properties. These shielding properties manifest in the wearer’s ability to focus without being influenced by outside distractions. Labradorite also protects your energy that is suffering from draining relationships, and in turn, will help to balance the relationship. Physically, labradorite regulates metabolism and is a great stone for those who are trying to lose weight.


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