Healing Properties



The energy of agate is focused specifically on physical aspects. Agate is a unique gemstone acting as a medicine for many ailments. Agate tends to focus its energies on the most imbalanced areas of one’s being. Agate assists in cleansing the cleaning system of the body, mainly the liver, kidneys, and digestive system. Agate aims to restore these areas that clean out debris and toxins from the body. Agate will also bolster the immune system so that these ailments are less likely to return in the future. Although agates effects are strong, it is safe for young and elderly as well. Agate has been known as an alternative to traditional medicine with its healing effects. The lymph nodes are another system that tends to harbor unwanted toxins and agate will assist in flushing this system as well. The lungs, sinus, and bronchi tend to store unhealthy debris as well and agate has long been known to detoxify these areas of the system. Agate not only heals ailments, but is also a preventive healer that restores and rebalances the body through natural means.



Because of its calming and healing properties, amethyst is considered “Nature’s Tranquilizer.” Amethyst is also associated with the third eye, so if you are looking to deepen your consciousness and awareness, amethyst is a great stone have around. Mental strength is targeted by amethyst and it will do a great job of increasing your vigor and stability. Physically, amethyst focuses on chronic pain that is associated with the central nervous system. It is a gemstone that will bring many body systems back to balance. Amethyst brings true wisdom to those who wear it, teaching alignment with one’s heart. Apatite When in disharmony, apatite creates a powerful healing field. The peaceful field created by apatite allows one to slow life’s tempo and to reconnect with the rhythm of the breath. Through this process, apatite takes you on a journey from the trivialities of life. Apatite promotes calmness and ease by merging its possessor with the untouched awareness of inner self. Over time, the wearer of apatite will experience a deeper relaxation as its energies continue to travel deeper through one’s system. Discomforts of the head and neck caused by stored tensions will be greatly diminished by wearing apatite. Tensions in these areas are often caused by one’s existence in overdrive, leading to lack of sleep and irrational behavior. Apatite will gradually dissolve these negative effects, leading the wearer to a calmer state of being.



This beautiful stone represents courage and fortitude. It gives piece and shielding to the aura of those who wear it. The power of discernment is magnified through aquamarine as it increases psychic ability and helps it’s wearers to identify liars. Aquamarine is a stone of purpose and will help you stay focused while tackling tough tasks. Aquamarine is an amazing stone that touches all of one’s physical and emotional being. Emotionally, aquamarine is about peace, tranquility, confidence, and serenity. Aquamarine will protect your energy from those who may draw from it without permission. Physically, aquamarine has long been used for breathing problems and to protect the immune system. Aquamarine leaves no room for drama, anger, and jealousy in one’s life, and instead helps to unveil the pure essence of your soul and help you to rediscover your true being.



Carnelian is a very popular stone, not only because it is beautiful, but because of its multitude of healing properties. Carnelian is known as the “all-purpose stone” and as its warming energy circulates through the blood, it does everything from healing damaged body tissue, encouraging individuality, helping one to recall events or even past lives, and overcoming grief and releasing negativity. Carnelian “plays well” with other stones to form a general protection around its wearer. Carnelian has been called the “actors stone” because helps one to speak their mind as well as bringing imagination into manifestation. If you are starting something new in your life, carnelian has wonderful abilities to strengthen one’s resolve and to overcome fear. Because carnelian works from the heart, it is a great stone if you are looking for a full scale boost in your positive energy.



Chalcedony is a beautiful stone that aids in emotional balance, stimulating positivity and goodness. It will relieve hostility and aggressive feelings. Because chalcedony comes from the quartz family, it is a stone of diverse balance that focuses on emotional wellbeing and endurance. If you are going to be in a chaotic environment, wear or carry chalcedony for mental clarity and increased calmness.



Citrine is a very powerful stone. As indicated by its color, citrine is a stone of light that creates or clears a path for its light to enter the wearer’s system. Citrine is not the highest frequency gem and it simply clears these paths for higher frequencies to enter. Citrine’s path clearing is done as it focuses on energies that are blocking the flow of light. Because citrine enables light to flow more freely, it is a great gemstone for a laying the path toward higher frequencies. It is a great gift to give someone going through trauma. Physically, citrine improves the digestive system and kidneys. Known as the “success stone”, citrine heightens an individual’s sensuality and sexuality.



Coral offers a powerful boost to the core of one’s physical being. Because coral is made up of water, it has a natural affinity to the human structure offering healing effects to many of the body’s systems. Coral strengthens bones and ligaments while simultaneously enriching the blood to nourish the muscular system. If you are lacking physical strength, wearing coral renews damaged cells and will take you to a new level of energy. For pregnant women, coral is ideal because it promotes processes that help developing fetuses receive optimal levels of developmental nutrition.



Garnet is associated with self-confidence, love, vitality, courage, and passion. Garnet has been known through the ages to bless it’s wearer with improved general health, both emotional and physical. For those who struggle with depression, garnet removes physical blockages associated with depression and opens doors to creativity and imagination. Garnet is especially effective with issues associated with abandonment and survival, thus making it a great stone to help stabilize a struggling relationship. Garnet’s crimson color makes it very effective in treating circulatory problems, as it purifies blood.



Iolite is an amazing stone with a multitude of healing properties. As it increases brain capacity and capabilities, iolite opens doors to higher frequencies and dimensions. When wearing iolite, you will be inspired to examine your inner world, leading to discoveries of hidden knowledge and further meaning. This inner knowledge patiently awaits us, and iolite will guide you to a higher awareness as it stimulates your spiritual being. If you are beginning a meditation practice, iolite helps one stay in the moment to bring self-harmony. Iolite enhances intuition and vision, leading to increased leadership ability, self-confidence, and inner strength. Iolite is a stone of management, especially financially, and gives the wearer a sense of financial responsibility and awareness. Physically, iolite offers great protection from disease by eliminating toxins in the body.



Labradorite is a beautiful stone known for its iridescence caused by light beams bouncing off inclusions of magnetite within the stone. This gives labradorite its protection properties. These shielding properties manifest in the wearer’s ability to focus without being influenced by outside distractions. Labradorite also protects your energy that is suffering from draining relationships, and in turn, will help to balance the relationship. Physically, labradorite regulates metabolism and is a great stone for those who are trying to lose weight.



Lapis is a powerful stone of truth and friendship. Lapis leads to individual authenticity which brings about harmony in relationships. For those who are seeking spiritual development, lapis enhances wisdom and brings about emotional healing and mental clarity, purifying the soul and thoughts while allowing the wearer to tap in to their inner power. Lapis is a stone of truth and complete awareness, allowing for mental clarity, conscious attunement and illumination. Historically, lapis was frequently used by the ancient Egyptians in order to access sacred knowledge, cleanse the body and spirit of toxins, and to increase psychic awareness.



Resonating with the moon and tides, moonstone is considered a feminine goddess stone and restores balance and flow. Moonstone is a magnificent gem for help transcending emotional issues, inspiring the natural flow of your spirit while enlivening creativity as you approach life through the heart rather than the mind. This transformation leads one to regain the inner balance necessary to live a life full and free. Wear moonstone during your cycle to experience less menstrual cramping and other feminine issues. Moonstone is also a stone of empathy that can be effective when seeking the enlightenment needed to understand people and situations that are not familiar to you. In these times of high energy and frequencies, moonstone provides enhances objective emotions that provide stability to move through life with grace.



For centuries, pearls have been known for their healing abilities. They enhance personal integrity, centeredness, promoting purity, truth, loyalty, and calmness. In obtaining feminine energy, many cultures have used pearls to help women connects with their “inner goddess.” Because of these many natural properties, pearls have long been attributed to the “matrix of life.” Pearls nurture loving relationships and because of their magnetic powers, are specifically used to strengthen muscle tissue, adrenal glands, and nerves.



Legend says that Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone was peridot. Peridot is a gemstone that emits a warm energy and is used to cleanse the heart. In matters of love, peridot stimulates the solar plexus chakras, which allows acceptance and love to thrive in relationships. Physically, peridot puts a protective shield around the body and is an excellent stone when one is in the process of healing, acting as a tonic to strengthen and regenerate the body



Many consider quartz the most powerful all-purpose stone. Containing the 4 elements of creation, quartz symbolizes elemental wholeness… amplifying, focusing, directing, and transmitting stored energy. Many consider the greatest attribute of quartz is its ability to open psychic centers, allowing its wearer’s mind to be freed of the mundane and an ability to meditate at a deeper level. Quartz attracts energy and light and is considered a powerful healing stone on all levels as it cleanses, protects, and strengthens.



Ruby is an amazing stone for strengthening resolve, improving communication, and easing the burden of loneliness. When lacking inspiration, ruby helps the wearer out of ruts from the burden of guilt or general wantonness. New agers believe that ruby has the power to improve the immune system and regenerate damaged body tissues. They also attribute ruby’s healing properties with the ability to discern the cause of an illness.



For thousands of years, turquoise has been considered a sacred stone. Considered the stone of the heart chakra, turquoise connects the upper three and lower three chakras. Turquoise is a “gift stone” and its energies are more powerful when it is given rather than received. Turquoise possesses many different healing energies and is a great gift for someone recovering from substance abuse as it helps detoxify the system. Somebody going through radiation or chemotherapy can also benefit from the gift of turquoise. Green turquoise will instantly bring feelings of freshness. Blue turquoise expands consciousness and washes the body with feelings of peace and tranquility. Blue turquoise also brings centeredness in one’s being by reinstating values, balance, and alignment that lead to a peaceful nature and love of earth. These values lead to a higher attunement of one’s inner being and a simpler approach to life.