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Healing Properties

Healing Properties

Agate focuses it's energies on the physical aspect of one's being. Agate is a unique gem because it acts like a "medicine" for many ailments one might encounter. Agate targets the most imbalanced and then utilizes the remaining energy for the next imbalanced area and so on. Due to this approach, one might experience Agate as strong or simply feel worse before feeling better but the result of healing one's physical systems will be accomplished. Agate has been explained that it would benefit the readers of this explanation to offer some specific details of how one might feel it’s effects. Agate tends to lend it's support to one's own cleaning systems mainly the kidneys, liver and digestive system. Agate's approach is to restore the areas (organs) which clean out the toxins and debris so they can assist with the body's recovery as they were designed. Agate assists one in overcoming these "sicknesses" and can prevent them in future by lending it's support and restorative nature to one's immune system. Agate, even though it's effects are strong, is gentle enough for young beings. Agate can easily be used as an alternative to traditional medicines. Agate restores the innate healing systems. The Lymphatic system (lymph nodes) is another area which store unwanted debris and Agate assists in clearing this system. Another area that excess debris get "stuck" is in the sinus, bronchi and lungs. Agate assists in flushing the excess mucus out of one's being, restoring the breathing system to normal. Agate is not only a "medicine" but a preventative and can assist one in restoring the body's natural balance through natural means.

Amazonite introduces a freshness to one's being, releasing any "staleness" one has accumulated. This freshness affects the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels transforming one to a new beginning - a fresh start. On the mental level, Amazonite brings a clarity to the thought process. Amazonite exposes new perspectives and the mind experiences expansion. On the emotional level, Amazonite lifts one's spirit allowing self defeating feelings to fall away. On the physical level Amazonite works on improving circulation throughout one's body with it's fresh rejuvenation and cleaning energy. Because of Amazonite’s simultaneous effects on the physical, emotional and mental levels, one can't help to experience a spiritual effect. Amazonite opens the opportunity to new awareness. Amazonite inspires new direction which is supported by the heart/mind connection forged. Amazonite allows all this to transpire with ease and a simple pace aligning one with the flow of life. Amazonite is a great tool for those just discovering there's more than the physical and for those who have long traveled "the path". Everyone enjoys and benefits from a "fresh start". Amazonite reminds one that what each moment offers us is an opportunity to live fully and approach all as new.

Amber is petrified tree resin, and it is used to encourage circulation and flow, much as tree sap moves energy throughout a tree. Use amber to ground your energy or to relieve depression. To use amber to enhance spiritual energy, combine it with other spiritual stones or metals. To increase sensitivity, add silver, which grounds and widens spiritual awareness. Other good matches with Amber are smoky quartz, sapphire, diamond and sunstone. To use amber for physical healing energies, add bloodstone, malachite, opal or carnelian. These will help to disperse amber's energies throughout the body. To use amber for its emotional healing qualities, combine it with amethyst, rose quartz, labradorite, citrine, lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, rock crystal or tiger eye. Use amber as a potentiator for any other stone. A potentiator increases the activity of whatever it is paired with. For instance, a combination of malachite and amber can be used to draw money into your life.

Amethyst is known as "Nature's Tranquilizer" because of its healing and calming properties. It also used for deepening awareness and raising consciousness and is associated with the third eye. Amethyst can enhance mental strength, stability and vigor. Physically, it works on the central nervous system and any type of chronic pain. It reportedly brings body systems into balance, from digestion to blood sugar. Use amethyst alone or combine it with other minerals in bracelets or necklaces that you can wear continually. Amethyst brings wisdom to one's life and aspects of being. The idea of wisdom and the wise is misunderstood deeply on Planet Earth. People have mixed knowledge of things gained through the power of the mind with wisdom which is solely based in the heart. To become or be wise one simply must make every action, no matter how small, based in the heart. This is in alignment with the true self and then one only puts forth and radiates truth of being.

Apatite creates a peaceful field around one's self dissolving disharmonies. This field allows one to reconnect within and slow life's tempo down to hear the rhythm of the breath. The natural focus on the breath created by Apatite takes one on a journey away from the trivialities of life. Apatite merges one with the untouched aspect of the inner self promoting calmness and great ease of being. As Apatite's energies travel deeper and deeper on one's systems/bodies, they bring a deeper relaxation for the wearer. Apatite allows one to fully reconnect with the true being by creating the space to dissolve the fabricated one. Apatite has a great effect on discomforts within the head and neck. Apatite saturates these areas, deeply releasing stored tensions and easing any built up pressure. Apatite can help those whose constant state of over drive pushes them to irrational behavior or simply hinders sleep.

Aquamarine is the stone of courage and fortitude. It gives peace and shielding to the aura and is said to protect those who travel by water. Aquamarine will increase psychic powers, and it helps to identify liars. Use aquamarine to encourage your creativity. Aquamarine will also help you stay focused until you complete the project you've conceived with its help. Aquamarine is a stone of purpose. . Aquamarine is useful for the immune system and for breathing problems. It will also protect your energy if you are around people who draw their energy from those around them. Aquamarine is about confidence, serenity, peace and tranquility. Its natural partner is emerald, which increases aquamarine's subtle energy. Aquamarine's clarity can be assisted by diamond. The effects of Aquamarine touch all aspects of one's being. This gem actually unifies the aspects with the pure essence strengthening the commonality - "you". When one is in alignment there is a peace and calm of being, a gratitude for and wonderment of life exists. There is no place for anger, jealousy, etc because they all originate from an imbalance or lack. Aquamarine creates a new lease on life by unveiling the pure essence. This gem diminishes the need for drama which is naturally replaced with an awe for life and existence. Aquamarine will help one rediscover the harmony and satisfaction in being who you are.

Aventurine is a gem which focuses on the healing of the physical body first. Aventurine's energies help to bring the physical back into order so one's connection with the inner is more easily maintained. Aventurine's energies target the organs. Each organ has it's level of optimal health and functionality and Aventurine is able to read this. Aventurine then focuses on the organ which is most out of alignment to restore it's optimal functioning. Aventurine then goes to the next lowest frequency organ to restore that one and so on. Aventurine raises the frequency of the organs to raise one's overall physical aspect to correspond with the other aspects. Aventurine in it's deeper shades initiates a detoxifying of the lower fequencies. Aventurine can be used to assist in clearing out the non natural elements one has taken in. Aventurine is not just a gem for those who are ill. Aventurine is an important transformational tool for the physical. Exercise and whole foods are of a great benefit naturally but Aventurine (especially the darker shades) can take it even further. Aventurine is a good stone for the pioneer or the self-employed, and it will help anyone who has to make quick decisions. Aventurine is known as the heart's protector, and it is also a good multipurpose healing stone. Aventurine may protect your energy from being depleted by stressful people or circumstances. Aventurine will help you make quick and accurate decisions. Aventurine is also known as the gambler's stone and is considered particularly lucky. If you are concerned about money, combine aventurine with malachite for a potent combination. Use Aventurine to improve your health. Aventurine is helpful for circulatory problems, including blockages caused by high cholesterol levels. Aventurine can ease sprained or tired muscles when used in bath water. Aventurine also is traditionally used to ease the inflammation of fever or injury. Aventurine is useful for focusing your courage on a difficult situation, particularly in business.

Carnelian is a stone of individuality and courage. It is a warming stone, and can be used to heal open sores and damaged tissue. Carnelian can aid memory, including recall of past lives. Carnelian is an "all purpose" stones. It can assist other stones and it works and plays well with other stones in general. Use Carnelian for general protection. There's a reason Carnelian is so popular for jewelry, and it's not just because it's beautiful. Wear Carnelian at your throat and you'll be protected in any situation where you have to speak your mind. Carnelian is sometimes called the "actor's stone." This is because it helps to bring the imagination into manifestation. You can also use Carnelian to release old stress or trauma. Carnelian is the gem which carries the Orange Ray and therefore translates the Orange Ray and it's energies to the body in it's purest form. Carnelian easily restores vitality to the being and fuels one's creative juices to flow. Carnelian’s energies tend to gravitate to and circulate through the blood spreading it's warming, energizing effects throughout. Carnelian promotes feeling alive and full of energy. Carnelian restores optimism and strengthens the belief that one is vital and can invoke change. Carnelian simply removes negativity, one of the strongest disruptive energies within the body and directs the focus on the positive within and with out. Because of it's effects, Carnelian has many benefits for the wearer (or user). Carnelian can be used as an aid in depression or to overcome grief. Carnelian can be used in times of new beginnings such as a new project, job or even lifestyle, to strengthen one's resolve and motivation to "just do it". Carnelian can also be used to augment one's current experience of life, enhancing it's richness and fullness. On a physical level, Carnelian is great for circulation and tissues. Because of this combination it has a strong positive influence on the organs, in particular the stomach, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and sexual organs. Carnelian can be used to treat kidney stones and gall stones. The positivity Carnelian promotes has additional effects on all the aspects of the being. Carnelian brings clarity to the mind, allowing one to be clear in expression and communication and supporting continued positivity. One the emotional level, Carnelian clears out the created negative emotions accentuating a connection to the inner heart based essence. So, through wearing (or using) Carnelian, one can experience an all around positive boost to the being.

Chalcedony stimulates positivity and goodwill and also relieves hostility and aggression. Chalcedony helps with emotional balance, stamina, vitality, endurance, energy, hardiness, intensity, nurturance, generosity, liveliness, kindness, friendliness and charity. Like many varieties of quartz, it is a multi-purpose balancing stone. Chalcedony is a good general purpose stone to carry for calmness and mental clarity. Chalcedony is a good stone to keep around a chaotic environment.

Citrine is a very powerful stone. Physically, citrine nurtures the kidneys and digestive system. It also restores emotional balance. It facilitates a greater connection to the spirit through creativity. Citrine relieves depression and self-doubt and can help one overcome emotional traumas and grief. Sensuality and sexuality can also be heightened by citrine, also known as the "success stone" or the "merchant's stone." Citrine is also an excellent and powerful gift for someone who has just gone through trauma and needs to heal. Citrine clears or creates the path for more light to enter into one's systems/bodies. Light is an important element in living as the true being. With light there is nothing or no where to hide - one is only able to be. Therefore, the more light one holds the closer one is to one's true being. Citrine in itself is not a high frequency gem but creates the pathway for higher frequencies to enter. This is done simply by Citrine as it focuses it's energies on any imbalances which are blocking the flow of more light. Citrine also adds a strengthening aspect to one's systems/bodies to hold more light. This gem is of great use to create a strong foundation to work with higher frequencies or to lay the path to begin doing so. With time, Citrine's energies will increase vitality and renew one's being.

Copper has been used in medicine for thousands of years, apparently since before the beginning of recorded history. The ancients recognized copper as an essential healing mineral. Copper was found useful for its curative powers, largely due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, in the treatment of wounds and skin diseases. In modern times, copper is becoming more widely recognized for its effectiveness in the treatment of a number of internal diseases including anemia, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke and heart disease. In addition, current research is confirming the role of normally ingested copper in the prevention and moderation of disease. Much of this research is based upon an improved understanding of the role of copper in the human body, i.e., its role as an essential trace element needed for healthy growth and function of bones and collagen, the brain, the heart, the skin and immune system.

Corals offer a powerful boost to the physical body/system. Coral’s energies give a unique fortification which strengthens down to the core of one's being. Coral is an all around vitalizer, transforming the physical to an efficient specimen of nature. Coral has a natural affinity to the human physical structure due to the fact that it's largely made up of water (in very general terms). Coral has a strong physical effect, providing healing within many of the body's systems. Coral supports the skeletal system strengthening bones and ligaments. Simultaneously, coral nourishes the muscular system through the enrichment of the blood. Coral facilitates the clearing of any physical blocks within one's system hindering it's optimal functioning. Coral is ideal for pregnant women! Because of coral’s natural processes within one's body, it guarantees that the fetus is receiving optimal levels of nutrients for it's development. Coral is excellent for those who lack physical strength or lack a strong foundation for one's being. Coral reawakens and calls forth the inner strength each possesses. Wearing Coral will most probably change the way one used to live by reaching a new level of energy. While enhancing the level of energy, a stabilizing and strengthening of ones confidence aspect comes along, effecting ones outlook on life and its activities.

Fluorite can help increase your concentration, and heighten your intuition. Flourite can help you maintain an unbiased impartiality when decisions need to be made by reducing you emotional involvement in a situation. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Fluorite lets you take a step back and see better. Fluorite clears the fog of illusion and brings order to chaos thus clearing the way for new things. Like Agate and Carnelian, Fluorite strengthens user’s analytical abilities and ability to concentrate. Fluorite is excellent for advancement of mind, greater concentration, meditation. Fluorite helps one to grasp higher, more abstract concepts. Fluorite is terrific stone for college students and researchers who need to analyze data and reach conclusions. Fluorite is also a "Group" or "Relationship" stone, helping to balance and stabilize group dynamics so that all may benefit. Fluorite is particularly good for accessing the universal energies that activate all that is good for your body, and is able to assist you in reaching the ultimate state of physical perfection. Fluorite fosters objectivity, truth, intellect, consciousness, aura cleansing and protection, concentration, purification, harmony, and attracts wealth and abundance. Innovative and inventive, Fluorite is a highly effective “brain” stone, allowing you to use your creativity.

Garnet is associated with vitality, courage, passion, love, sensuality and self-confidence. Blesses its wearer with good health, victory over enemies and wealth. Garnet has been known to bring about as much windfall in material wealth as in emotional tranquility. Garnet makes the person knowledgeable and improves higher education and professional prospects. Garnet alleviates depression and improves imagination. Garnet resolves all issues pertaining to abandonment and survival and therefore is a stone for making commitments last – use Garnet to stabilize your relationships. Physically, Garnet is used to treat disorders of the blood, heart, lungs, spine and bones. Purifies blood and helps in anemia and circulatory problems. Garnet also boosts sexual energy and fertility.

Gold’s long history of use by mankind has given rise to a great number of healing myths. No doubt, Gold’s monetary value, which wells from a human lust for gold that is almost archetypal, has amplified the powers that healers attribute to the metal. That New Age healers call gold, “the Master Healer” is of little surprise considering how the desire that gold inspires approaches worship of the metal. Gold’s lack of toxicity and its scientific properties of incredible malleability and ability to conduct energy, while remaining resistant to wear and corrosion, make it highly useful for Medical Science. Medical uses of gold based on science have included the treatment of Arthritis, dental fixtures, and more. Healing uses for Gold based on the beliefs of the New Age include the treatment of blood, skin, neurological and heart disorders. They believe Gold to be an energy generator and remover of blockages with the power to strengthen, amplify and conduct energy in the body for the treatment of autism, dyslexia, epilepsy and scoliosis. To those who use minerals, metals and crystals for healing Gold symbolizes the purity of spirit and they attribute the power of cell regeneration, energy conductivity, communication transmission and energy purification to the metal. According to their belief system, Gold spurs the regeneration of neurotransmitters in both lobes of the brain and creates a balance of brain function between creative and logical thought. It also benefits the nerves with its ability to improve the flow of information through the body. In the world of spiritual healing, Gold has the emotional power to ease tension, feelings of inferiority, and anger as well as encouraging the realization of one’s potential and bringing comfort.

Iolite enhances brain capabilities and creates an easily accessed road to higher dimensions and frequencies. Iolite starts to run energy through these areas and immediate effects are felt such as heightened perception or sense enhancement. Iolite also opens pathways to see, feel or sense other dimensions/frequencies one hasn't experienced before. There is much more "out there" then one has experienced first hand, and Iolite leads one to this multidimensionality. Iolite inspires one to delve into the meaning of one's existence. Through Iolites energies, many opportunities are opened to explore not only one's inner world but the Universe and beyond. Iolite forges such a strong connection to one's higher self that great clarity is gained in understanding one's purpose/mission. With continued use of Iolite, one merges further and further with the higher self and all actions come in alignment with the original purpose/mission of one's being. Iolite's gift is in leading us to inner knowledge. One of Iolite’s primary functions is to stimulate us as spiritual beings, guiding us to a higher awareness, and awakening us to the inner knowledge that so patiently waits within each of us. Within you already lies the knowledge of the Universe. Iolite will help you open that door. Iolite helps one to stay in the moment and bring harmony to the self within, which is really helpful in not getting distracted when you are trying to meditate. Iolite also helps eliminate and release discord in relationships. Iolite should be combined in the Success jewelry and gifts stones (Citrine, Aventure, Peridot, etc), when resolving debts, or too much debt is a problem that needs to be eliminated. It helps us to assume financial independence by correctly aligning us with the acceptance of financial responsibility, and gives one better ability in the management of money. Iolite offers physical protection from disease, establishing a constitution that defies physical disorder. Iolite enhances leadership ability, power, inner strength, self confidence and executive ability. Iolite enhances intuition and is a stone that brings vision and prophecy. Iolite is said to stimulate the third eye Chakra leading to clairvoyance. Iolite eliminates toxins, malaria, and fever producing disorders such as chronic infections.

Jade is the ultimate symbol of calm and serenity. Jade helps bring serenity to the mind by releasing negative thoughts. A stone of balance and healing, Jade alleviates anxiety and fear based emotions. Jade opens up the heart Chakra to love energy. Jade is said to encourage self-realization and help us to recognize ourselves as spiritual beings. For almost a thousand years, jade has been worshiped and ingested for its life-extending powers, believed to bring the holder a long and fruitful life. Jade is known as a good luck and prosperity charm for centuries. Jade helps you to be calm and accept your surroundings for what they are, instilling a sense of detachment to the chaos, and not claiming it for your own. Jade helps the wearer to sense the truth in all situations. Jade helps one with remember their dreams, and provide help with dream-solving. Aids dream recall if placed under pillow. Jade also helps you in bringing your dreams into reality, and in making all things possible. Jade is given by lovers as a statement of their love and devotion to each other, and used in lovemaking for its known erotic properties and the enhancement of sexual performance, and increase in fertility. Jade helps you to tune into the needs of others, rising above yourself, and gives you insight into their problems. Jade helps you to put things in the proper perspective, and focus on the primary concerns for today. Jade can also assist in self assurance, self reliance, and self sufficiency.

Jasper invigorates one's body and system. Jasper is warming, energizing and fortifying. Jasper's main focus is the circulatory system which is responsible for the distribution of oxygen and nutrients, removal of wastes, protection from infection and body temperature regulation. Jasper energies saturate the blood, optimizing the functions of the cells and the previous listed functions. As a result of Jasper, one feels energized, uplifted and motivated. The physical heart also benefits from Jasper as it is strengthened and with longer use build ups, blockages inhibiting it's function, are broken down. Jasper can be used as a preventative for heart issues. Jasper assists in becoming physical and produces a "feel great" feeling. Jasper also transfers over to one's outlook of life. It is easier to feel joy and happiness when one's physical vehicle is running good. Jasper renews one's connection with the Earth. Jasper is grounding to the being which offers the perfect counter balance to it's energy inducing effects. This combination of grounding and energizing fortifies the spirit, providing confidence and courage to move forward as one's true being. Jasper is a stone of gentleness and relaxation. Jasper enhances one's ability to relax and brings tranquility, comforting, wholeness, healing, and gentle endings. Jasper is sometimes called the nurturing stone for its nurturing and protective energies. Psychically, Jasper is used to assist with astral travel. In the physical realm, Jasper is used for the liver, gallbladder, soothing the stomach, and balancing yin/yang energies. Jasper is a variety of quartz, so it also has the metaphysical and healing lore energies of Quartz.

Labradorite is a rare feldspar, originally discovered in Labrador, but now found throughout the world. Labradorite’s iridescence, or labradorescence, is caused by light bouncing off inclusions of magnetite. This is said to give Labradorite shielding properties. Labradorite increases our ability to concentrate on personal issues without being distracted by outside influences. Labradorite will give you protection if you feel your energy being drained by a relationship. Labradorite heals and balances relationships. The other person may sense this healing as distance or withdrawal, but this perception will fade as the relationship comes into balance. Labradorite is an excellent gemstone for those seeking to lose weight as it balances and regulates metabolism. Labradorite serves as a gateway to other dimensions and frequencies while offering a grounding "thread" for one's comfort. It is a mystical gem which is activated when worn (or used) easily opening a multitude of possibilities to explore. These personal explorations allow to fully get to know one's self and the experiences are integrated into daily life with ease.

For many people all over the world Lapis is considered a stone of universal truth and friendship. Lapis is reputed to bring about harmony in relationships and to help its wearer being an authentic individual who may openly state his or her opinion. Lapis is a powerful stone for those who seek spiritual development. Lapis brings mental clarity & emotional healing, and enhances judgment and wisdom. Lapis is also considered strengthening to mind and body. Lapis allows us to tap our own inner power while purifying the soul and the thoughts. Lapis helps us contact our spirit guardians. Lapis energizes the throat chakra. Lapis augments strength, vitality, virility, mental clarity, illumination. Lapis enhances psychic abilities and communication with higher self and spirit guides. Lapis has also been used as a protective stone, sheltering the wearer/carrier from physical danger and psychic attacks. Lapis is a "stone of total awareness", helping to expand awareness and intellectual capacity, and allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of ones nature. Lapis is a stone of truth to be open in all ways. Lapis was used by ancient Egyptians to access sacred knowledge. Lapis cleanses the mind body and spirit of toxins and negativity. Lapis stimulates psychic awareness.

Malachite is a powerful healing gem which detects disharmonies within the physical aspect. Once the disharmony has been located, Malachite gives insight(s) to the wearer (or user) on how all the aspects have interacted to create it and therefore what needs to happen to change it. Malachite works in partnership with the body and it's systems to bring whatever is needed to correct the disharmonies. Malachite can return one to an original state of perfect health but the time it takes varies since each being has it’s own unique set of disharmonies. Some of the common areas Malachite assists with are the heart, lungs and organs. Malachite’s energies are restorative so it simply saturates the area and returns it to it's proper functioning state. Malachite's restorative nature also works well on muscles and bones. Malachite can be used to assist in any injury like torn or strained ligaments, broken bones, etc. With time Malachite will help to increase one's overall flexibility of movement as it restores the cohesive functioning of the limbs. This is a great help for those with arthritis, joint swelling, pain or stiffness. Malachite can also serve as a tool for those who have reached a plateau in their physical. Malachite with continued use will benefit the immune system and even one's DNA. Malachite will restore to the deepest level the longer it is worn bringing one's physical being to it's ultimate working state.

Moonstone is a stone of balance and flow. It resonates with the moon and tides and is thought of as a feminine, goddess stone. Moonstone will calm menstrual cramps and other female problems. Moonstone will also help with stress related problems and with imbalances of lymph and other body fluids. Moonstone will increase empathy with other people. Keep moonstone near when you need to understand other people in situations that make no sense to you. Moonstone can help you attain that sort of enlightenment. Moonstone is a gem whose main focus is the overall balancing of the body/system. In these times of fast change and higher energy inputs Moonstone can provide the stability to move through it all with grace and ease. Moonstone provides a tie to lunar aspects which translate to the emotional body. This gem allows one to easily explore the emotions but with an objective detachment. This is accomplished through a direct line to the higher self and the view/perspective is easily seen from this level. Moonstone is a powerful gem to transcend emotional issues which are impeding one's journey. Moonstone also enhances one's intuition which allows approach to life through the heart. It inspires one to allow the spirit to flow and re-enliven the creativity. Moonstone shows the way to regain one's own inner balance to live fully and free.

Onyx is a gem of support and strength for the being. It's energies target the core (or base) restoring balance within one's foundation of being. The stability this gem provides allows one to "deal" with all kind of life's situations. It builds/rebuilds personal strength, self-esteem and confidence. Onyx is known as a gem to help overcome addictions because of this. Onyx restores the balance facilitating an even stronger awareness of the presence of one's being. Onyx's effects translate over to all aspects of one's being. The mental has direction, the emotions are stable and one feels in alignment not only with one's Self but with the world and beyond. Onyx is a great gem for those who explore or work with high frequencies, dimensions, etc as it provides the perfect counter balance.

Usually found in Mexico, Opal is one of the more dramatic gem stones in appearance. Opal’s fiery gleam is an indicator of the energy it is best at handling. If you are having an emotional situation, use Opal stone to defuse the energy and wear it, carry it or give it as a gift. Opal will also lend clarity to your thoughts, especially any efforts to elevate them. Opal is traditionally set in gold, which helps to protect it. Opal is a great stone for a creative person or a high powered business person. Opal is also a wonderful helper stone for someone in a healing profession. Opal will carry a balance and settled quality that will lend itself to every situation you enter. Use Opal to give you an advantage in a mentally stressful situation. If you're under a heavy workload, Opal will help you to prioritize and maintain perspective about your project.

Pearls have been known for their healing properties for centuries, particularly in traditional Asian medical systems. In these cultures, “medicine” deals with more than just physical ailments and cures, and substances like gold, silver and pearl powder are believed to have effects both physically and metaphysically.  Pearls are said to give the wearer a sense of calmness and centeredness, and to promote faith, loyalty, truth and purity. They can especially enhance personal integrity. They have also been used in a number of cultures to help women connect with their “inner goddesses” and obtain the ultimate “feminine energy.”  Due to these natural properties, as well as its elegance and beauty, the pearl has been associated through the ages with the “matrix of life” itself. Proponents allege that the pearl helps to balance the human body’s natural rhythms and hormone levels with lunar cycles. There are also those that claim that the pearl can bring inner wisdom and help to strengthen and nurture the growth of love. Pearls are thought by others to have very strong “magnetic” powers and have been used in “gem therapy” to strengthen nerves, the adrenal glands, the spleen and muscle tissue.

Peridot in French word is "peritot", which means unclear, probably due to the inclusions and cloudy nature of large stones. Peridot is mentioned in the Bible under the Hebrew name of "pitdah". Peridot gems along with other gems were probably used in the fabled Breastplates of the Jewish High Priest, artifacts that have never been found. The Greeks and Romans referred to Peridot as "topazion and topazius", later given to "topaz". Historical legend has it that peridot was the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra. Pliny wrote about the green stone from Zagbargad Island in 1500 B.C. Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy. Peridot has been used tp cleanse and stimulate the heart and solar plexus chakras, bringing openness and acceptance in the intellectual pursuit of matters of love and relationship. Peridot provides a protection shield around the body and should be removed from ones person prior to balancing and aligning the physical body with other bodies and prior to cleansing chakras other than those related to its color. It has been said Peridot is an excellent healing stone, acting as tonic to regenerate and strengthen the body.

Quartz is clearly the best all purpose stone! Quartz is the symbol of elemental wholeness, containing the four elements of creation. Quartz assists us to amplify, focus, direct, transmit and store energy. Quartz's greatest attribute is known to be its use as an aid to opening the psychic centers, enabling the ability to meditate at a deeper level and to free one's mind from the mundane and the trivia. Quartz releases the higher consciousness and develops mystical and spiritual gifts. Quartz also particularly useful for meditation and when working to contact or align with one's higher self! Quartz attracts the powers of light and energy and is said to be an excellent powerful general healer and dynamic working tool which works on all levels - strengthening, cleansing and protecting. Quartz purifies air and protects against harmful electrical vibrations.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is highly recommended for those who are experiencing a lot of grief. Rose quartz isVery good for expressing and soothing emotions. Rose quartz is a very loving stone, and enhances all forms of love: self-love, mother love, caring, kindness, platonic and romantic live. Rose Quartz gently energizes and creates warmth. Rose Quartz is also said to stimulate the imagination and the intellect and to open up the heart to inner peace, self love and self recognition. It is a very healing stone for internal wounds, bitterness and sorrows. It makes one more receptive to beauty, hastens recovery and gladdens the heart. Rose Quartz lifts depression, creates confidence and peace. Rose Quartz helps the heart and circulatory system. Rose Quartz is claimed to be one of the best stones to use in the treatment of migraines and headaches of all types.

Ruby Quartz
Ruby Quartz is an important stone for uncovering the root of mental hang-ups, strengthening resolve, easing the pain of loneliness and improving communication. Ruby Quartz is also has the effect of unburdening the mind of guilt, which can lead to a state more conducive of happiness and inspiration. Ruby Quartz can help get the wearer out of ruts where he or she is given over to sloth or wantonness. Ruby Quartz’s needles are said to attract love and to help with mental focus. Believed by New Agers to have the power to regenerate the body’s tissues, aid in the assimilation of nutritional elements, bolster the immune system, and slow the advancement of aging diseases. They also credit Ruby Quartz with treating respiratory illnesses and being able to uncover the true cause of an illness.

Sapphire has long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. Sapphire draws protection and prophetic wisdom to the user. Sapphire attracts and oversees one's divine destiny or "mission" in life, instilling hope, faith and joy during the journey. Sapphire brings Light, Joy and Peace to the user/wearer. Sapphire opens the mind to beauty and intuition, and brings with it the hope of fulfilling your dreams and desires of the heart. Sapphire can focus healing, loving energy on anyone needing it, without the user's participation, in this way Sapphire seems to possess an innate higher intelligence of it's own. Tradition holds that Moses was given the ten commandments on tablets of Sapphire, making Sapphire the most sacred gemstone. Because sapphire represents divine favor, it was the gemstone of choice for kings and high priests. The British Crown Jewels are full of large sapphires, the symbol of pure and wise rulers. Since sapphire symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness, it is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. When Prince Charles chose a sapphire engagement ring for Princess Diana, couples all over the world were inspired to revive this venerable tradition. Sapphire is also the birthstone for September, the month when the most babies are born. Ancient lists also name sapphire as a birthstone for April and the gemstone for the sign of Taurus. Sapphire is known for reducing inflammation, fevers, nosebleeds, hearing problems, TB, burns. Sapphire can also help with communication, depression, intuition, clairaudience, mental clarity and calm.

Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz’s specialty is the transformation of negative energy to positive. It doesn't matter what part of your life you direct the energy towards! Smoky Quartz is one of the great all purpose power stones. Keep a piece of smoky quartz in your meditation space to deepen your meditation. Smokey Quartz will intensify anything positive that occurs around it. Smokey Quartz is also a good stone for psychic shielding and as an aid to increase deep wisdom. Give a gift of smoky quartz to anyone with cardiac, blood pressure or fluid retention problems. It is also useful for people suffering from attention deficit disorders.

Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver improves speech and brings eloquence. Sterling Silver is also said to attract, enhance and store the energies of other gemstones.  Sterling Silver brings fluidity to the body as well as the mind and tongue. Wear Sterling Silver if you have to do any public speaking. It will help your words, but Sterling Silver will also help you make a graceful entrance and exit. Sterling Silver's natural matches are turquoise, adularia (moonstone) and labradorite, which will enhance the fluid, emotional qualities of Silver. Sterling Silver will enhance the mutable, emotional qualities of any other gem stone. Sterling Silver also unites the disparate energies of different stones and makes them into a unified whole. Sterling Silver is a body cleanser and energy enhancer. If you feel an illness coming on, put a piece of clean Sterling Silver in a glass of water for a few hours, then sip the water until you are feeling better.

Tanzanite is a calming stone. Tanzanite is good if life becomes chaotic or extremely busy and out of balance, Tanzanite will bring you back into balance. Tanzanite helps with physical abilities and if a person is just beginning to develop this field, it's one of the most powerful stones for this. Tanzanite’s energies are non physical and of much higher existence then the physical plane. Any physical healings happening through wearing Tanzanite are indirect. Tanzanite works actually more through the “higher body nervous system” which is then down stepped into the physique. The energy Tanzanite brings into the physical brain is very unifying and activating to all parts. Tanzanite certainly is nourishing to all those cells and can push activations of dormant lying abilities forward like telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, levitation, channeling and other so called psychic abilities.

Tourmaline carries the male vibration. Tourmaline offers a strengthening of the male aspect within and a harmonizing of the male vibration output. Tourmaline restores harmony within the aspects (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) of especially men, creating an equality of expression that radiates out. Tourmaline assists a man to become his full potential by harmonizing and restoring balance of expression through all aspects. A unification of the aspects occurs through the use of Tourmaline which creates profound effects. Some general effects of Tourmaline on the male aspects are: on the physical, a strength is brought forth creating energy and power. Tourmaline also works strongly on the male sexual organs restoring balance and correcting any disorders or disease (including things like prostrate cancer or EDD). On the emotional aspect, Tourmaline heightens one's awareness of the emotions and promotes a balanced expression not geared in the typical male emotions of aggression or anger. On the mental level, Tourmaline helps to clarify the mind bringing a balanced approach to thought patterns and instigating a harmonious view. On the spiritual level, Tourmaline further transforms the male expression to embody a universal awareness and approach to life. Tourmaline is available in a variety of color ranges which fall under the description of being therapeutic. The initial focus of Tourmaline, depending on color will vary and the intensity of working on the different aspects may be different but with time the underlying effect of Tourmaline in harmonizing the male aspects will occur.

Turquoise has been a sacred stone for hundreds of years. Turquoise is a stone of peace, serenity and tranquility. A stone of the heart chakra,
turquoise connects the three upper and three lower chakras. Turquoise is a traditional gift stone for friendship and is always more powerful when gifted than when purchased. Turquoise is recommended by crystal healers for detoxification of alcohol or poisons. It makes a perfect talisman for a friend recovering from substance abuse. Turquoise is also a healing amulet for anyone going through chemotherapy or radiation. Turquoise is said to make lying impossible and is a great companion stone for public speakers, as long as they are telling the truth. Blue Turquoise expands and opens the mind. It instantly brings a feeling of peace and calm that washes throughout the body. It draws one to the center of the being initiating balance and alignment. Blue Turquoise reinstates within one the values which the "modern world" have pushed aside : the love of Earth, loyalty to fellow men and a peaceful nature to all. It initiates a simpler approach to living that is in attunement with one's inner being. Green Turquoise instantly brings a freshness to all aspects of the being. It's energies saturate the field, drawing into alignment the being with the inner being. Through this alignment, heavier energies are made lighter while others are simply removed and renewal is inspired throughout.