Floating Handmade Gemstone Necklace



Aqua Glass Necklace with Brass and Silver Beads

The floating handmade gemstone necklaces are colorful, lightweight pieces featuring your favorite gemstone gently dangling from the shiny sterling silver chain. Available stones include a faceted chalcedony, faceted rose quartz, faceted garnet, a luminous pearl, or a laboradite. This handcrafted necklace is comfortable to wear and perfect for layering with other necklaces.

  • Handmade in USA
  • Made at 16" and comes with a beautiful 2" extender 
  • Sterling silver chain 
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Healing Properties

Hover over any of the gemstones below to learn about the unique healing properties.

Chalcedony is a beautiful stone that aids in emotional balance, stimulating positivity and goodness. It will relieve hostility and aggressive feelings. Because chalcedony comes from the quartz family, it is a stone of diverse balance that focuses on emotional wellbeing and endurance. If you are going to be in a chaotic environment, wear or carry chalcedony for mental clarity and increased calmness.
Garnet is associated with self-confidence, love, vitality, courage, and passion. Garnet has been known through the ages to bless it’s wearer with improved general health, both emotional and physical. For those who struggle with depression, garnet removes physical blockages associated with depression and opens doors to creativity and imagination. Garnet is especially effective with issues associated with abandonment and survival, thus making it a great stone to help stabilize a struggling relationship. Garnet’s crimson color makes it very effective in treating circulatory problems, as it purifies blood.
For centuries, pearls have been known for their healing abilities. They enhance personal integrity, centeredness, promoting purity, truth, loyalty, and calmness. In obtaining feminine energy, many cultures have used pearls to help women connects with their “inner goddess.” Because of these many natural properties, pearls have long been attributed to the “matrix of life.” Pearls nurture loving relationships and because of their magnetic powers, are specifically used to strengthen muscle tissue, adrenal glands, and nerves.
Many consider quartz the most powerful all-purpose stone. Containing the 4 elements of creation, quartz symbolizes elemental wholeness… amplifying, focusing, directing, and transmitting stored energy. Many consider the greatest attribute of quartz is its ability to open psychic centers, allowing its wearer’s mind to be freed of the mundane and an ability to meditate at a deeper level. Quartz attracts energy and light and is considered a powerful healing stone on all levels as it cleanses, protects, and strengthens.


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