Rosy Garnet and Aquamarine Earrings



Stunning Aquamarine Earrings with Garnet Gemstone

The Rosy Garnet and Aquamarine Earrings feature a beautiful faceted garnet teardrop which hangs from a row of bright aquamarine stones and is highlighted with 14kt gold fill beads. These beautifully detailed earrings exuberates a sense of confidence and authenticity.


Handmade in USA

Sterling silver earring wire

Drop length: 1 1/4”

Healing Properties

Aquamarine is representative of courage and fortitude. It offers shielding to that aura of the wearer. Emotionally, aquamarine increases peace, tranquillity, confidence, and serenity. Physically, it is used to help reduce problems with breathing and offers protection for the immune system.

Garnet is often associated with confidence, love, vitality, courage, and passion. It is known to improve the general health of its wearer, both emotionally, and physically. Garnet removes physical blockages associated with depression and helps increase creative and imaginative thinking.


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