"Over The Rainbow" Handmade Gemstone Bracelet



Multi Gemstone Bracelet

There is no telling what you'll find at the end of rainbow of gemstones adorning this handmade bracelet! Vibrant peridot, carnelian, cultured pearls, garnets, iolites, turquoise, and citrine gemstones  get a 14/20k gold filled wrap onto oxidized sterling silver chain. Each bundle of faceted stones is separated by hand textured sterling silver stems. This handcrafted piece receives a handmade 14/20k gold filled "S" hook clasp and can be adjusted from 6-7" with it's beautiful extender and plumb line charm

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Healing Properties

Hover over any of the gemstones below to learn about the unique healing properties.

For centuries, pearls have been known for their healing abilities. They enhance personal integrity, centeredness, promoting purity, truth, loyalty, and calmness. In obtaining feminine energy, many cultures have used pearls to help women connects with their “inner goddess.” Because of these many natural properties, pearls have long been attributed to the “matrix of life.” Pearls nurture loving relationships and because of their magnetic powers, are specifically used to strengthen muscle tissue, adrenal glands, and nerves.
Citrine is a very powerful stone. As indicated by its color, citrine is a stone of light that creates or clears a path for its light to enter the wearer’s system. Citrine is not the highest frequency gem and it simply clears these paths for higher frequencies to enter. Citrine’s path clearing is done as it focuses on energies that are blocking the flow of light. Because citrine enables light to flow more freely, it is a great gemstone for a laying the path toward higher frequencies. It is a great gift to give someone going through trauma. Physically, citrine improves the digestive system and kidneys. Known as the “success stone”, citrine heightens an individual’s sensuality and sexuality.
Garnet is associated with self-confidence, love, vitality, courage, and passion. Garnet has been known through the ages to bless it’s wearer with improved general health, both emotional and physical. For those who struggle with depression, garnet removes physical blockages associated with depression and opens doors to creativity and imagination. Garnet is especially effective with issues associated with abandonment and survival, thus making it a great stone to help stabilize a struggling relationship. Garnet’s crimson color makes it very effective in treating circulatory problems, as it purifies blood.
For thousands of years, turquoise has been considered a sacred stone. Considered the stone of the heart chakra, turquoise connects the upper three and lower three chakras. Turquoise is a “gift stone” and its energies are more powerful when it is given rather than received. Turquoise possesses many different healing energies and is a great gift for someone recovering from substance abuse as it helps detoxify the system. Somebody going through radiation or chemotherapy can also benefit from the gift of turquoise. Green turquoise will instantly bring feelings of freshness. Blue turquoise expands consciousness and washes the body with feelings of peace and tranquility. Blue turquoise also brings centeredness in one’s being by reinstating values, balance, and alignment that lead to a peaceful nature and love of earth. These values lead to a higher attunement of one’s inner being and a simpler approach to life.
Iolite is an amazing stone with a multitude of healing properties. As it increases brain capacity and capabilities, iolite opens doors to higher frequencies and dimensions. When wearing iolite, you will be inspired to examine your inner world, leading to discoveries of hidden knowledge and further meaning. This inner knowledge patiently awaits us, and iolite will guide you to a higher awareness as it stimulates your spiritual being. If you are beginning a meditation practice, iolite helps one stay in the moment to bring self-harmony. Iolite enhances intuition and vision, leading to increased leadership ability, self-confidence, and inner strength. Iolite is a stone of management, especially financially, and gives the wearer a sense of financial responsibility and awareness. Physically, iolite offers great protection from disease by eliminating toxins in the body.
Legend says that Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone was peridot. Peridot is a gemstone that emits a warm energy and is used to cleanse the heart. In matters of love, peridot stimulates the solar plexus chakras, which allows acceptance and love to thrive in relationships. Physically, peridot puts a protective shield around the body and is an excellent stone when one is in the process of healing, acting as a tonic to strengthen and regenerate the body.
Carnelian is a very popular stone, not only because it is beautiful, but because of its multitude of healing properties. Carnelian is known as the “all-purpose stone” and as its warming energy circulates through the blood, it does everything from healing damaged body tissue, encouraging individuality, helping one to recall events or even past lives, and overcoming grief and releasing negativity. Carnelian “plays well” with other stones to form a general protection around its wearer. Carnelian has been called the “actor's stone” because helps one to speak their mind as well as bringing imagination into manifestation. If you are starting something new in your life, carnelian has wonderful abilities to strengthen one’s resolve and to overcome fear. Because carnelian works from the heart, it is a great stone if you are looking for a full scale boost in your positive energy.


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